Don't stress yourself in finding economical deals. Leave the worrying to your own Personal Manager. Sign up now and your very own Personal Manager will not just get you what you need; he will even negotiate on your behalf and get the most cost-effective products and services that you deserve. Allow yourself to get the best whilst saving time and money - Be a member today.


Member Benefits

Club Luichi is an exclusive shopping network where consumers hold the power. Club Luichi works hard to get you- the consumers- the lowest price possible on everything imaginable. You will be assigned your very own personal assistant, dedicated to the providing you with exactly what you're looking for at the lowest possible price.

So what are you waiting for? Start experiencing shopping the 21st Century way- with Club Luichi.

Who is Club Luichi?

Club Luichi is a global consumer alliance where consumers can purchase products and services at hugely discounted wholesale prices. Club Luichi members are assigned personal consultants whose main role is to negotiate directly with manufacturers and connect members with significant savings they'd never be able to find in stores or on the internet.

Consumers now have power.

Club Luichi solves the problem that most shoppers of today face: not having a voice, not having control over the price of items, and not having anyone to speak on their behalf. Club Luichi members have power because Club Luichi works directly with high-level wholesalers and manufacturers to negotiate huge savings for members. Our strength is in numbers. The more members Club Luichi has, the more leverage we have at being able to get the lowest possible price.
The result is that all of our members enjoy significant savings as we help you leap over the many middlemen who drive up consumer prices and stress free shopping as our personal consultants do all of the leg work for you.
Club Luichi wants you to sit back and relax while we take care of all of your purchasing needs and present to you the very best prices.

How can you join Club LUICHI?

Say you've been looking for a new TV and you're unhappy about the retail prices you've seen. You've found some offers on the Internet but still sense you could do better than, say, $1,000.
Club Luichi has your solution: Become a member of Club Luichi for just $65 and you will immediately be assigned a Personal Consultant who will personally find wholesale prices that are better than any retail price you've found for that TV- or any given product or service that you're interested in.

How does it work?

1. Become a Club Luichi member for just $65.

2. Connect with your very own Personal Shopping Consultant.

3. Discuss your product or service needs, budget and any other requirements with your consultant.

4. Our consultant will then get to work on finding you exactly what you're looking for, at the lowest possible price- while you sit back and relax.

5. During this process, our Consultant will tap into the private Luichi system to connect with high-level wholesalers and bargain on your behalf in order to achieve the best deal.

6. Your Consultant will report back and share the findings with you. All members receive full pricing disclosure; you will see the modest service fee your consultant adds on plus any taxes or shipping and handling costs that will be involved. Don't worry though; the total cost will be significantly less than what you would have paid if you weren't a member of Club Luichi!

7. Make your final decision, pay for it and pocket all of the money you just saved.

8. Enjoy the huge discounts and hassle free shopping the 21st century way with Club Luichi!

As a Club Luichi member, whenever you're in the market for anything, reach out to your Personal Consultant who will gladly assist with all of your shopping needs. Before you know it, the one-time $65 fee you invested in your Club Luichi membership will feel like your smartest investment ever.

What types of products and services are available at Club Luichi?

Some examples of products and services you can purchase at wholesale prices as a member of Club Luichi include:

Cars, Computers, Televisions, Appliances, Furniture, Housewares, Baby items, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Handbags, Power tools, Golf clubs, Travel packages, Insurance, and so much more!

Luichi Points:

To make Club Luichi an even better value for consumers, members get the added bonus of receiving points for every dollar spent within the network. Your Club Luichi points can be used on any future purchases within Club Luichi.