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About Us

Stop battling through retail prices in stores and aggravating searches on the internet. Bring an end to incessant worries on having no time to do things that matter. Experience life in an entirely new way with a network completely dedicated to finding you exactly what you need at prices you never thought possible - experience Club Luichi.

Club Luichi is an innovative and inventive business model dedicated to serve, support and protect its members. These members are given topmost priority as well as the advantage of making direct connections with manufacturers and service providers around the globe to get what they want and what they deserve. Membership in a worldwide consumer alliance that leverages its strength in numbers and the combined buying power to form arrangements with global suppliers, allows the possibility of lower and more transparent pricing. At the same time, Club Luichi is built on serving and protecting its members' best interests, elevating their consumer confidence.

The Luichi network is a growing community which should include you! Our members are carefully guided by their assigned Personal Managers who help each and every member receive the individual attention they deserve. Our Personal Managers offer their services 24/7 to be sure that you can have what you need when you want it. Anytime, anywhere.

The Luichi System is successful because of the entire Luichi network. Our wholesalers, retailers and service providers find lower cost channels and provide the extraordinary prices and the most excellent services our Personal Managers present to our members.

The benefits for members, Personal Managers and partner suppliers are endless. Members will gain access to exclusive products and service prices while Personal Managers create a close network of members for a rewarding career. In addition, our Partner Suppliers win by gaining access to a new, lower cost sales channel.

Club Luichi cleverly connects people, making life more affordable and manageable—that's the Club Luichi way!